I count my blessings.  Maybe more so now that we live in uncertain times.

Gratitude fuels my ability to be resilient when it matters most.

And, I am especially grateful to be Canadian amid this pandemic because:

  • We have a public healthcare system which is available to everyone and this matters a lot in an emergency.  I am grateful for Tommy Douglas for his vision and to the health professionals who are working tirelessly.
  • We have strong public health and health research ecosystems.  Thank you to the men and women of science who lead us in response to COVID-19.
  • The social bonds that unite us are strong on our trust in elected leaders remains relatively high.  Canadians have adapted to wartime measures that impact our freedoms with civility and calm.
  • Our political leaders of all stripes have been less partisan and more collaborative.  They are listening to public health and scientific advice.  Thank you to our public servants who have worked tirelessly to launch massive new government programs in record time.
  • And thank you to civil society leaders like Bruce McDonald, Cathy Taylor, Stephen Huddart, and Jean-Marc Mangin for making the voices of charities heard by Governments.

Take a moment every day to be grateful!