Now more than ever, charities and philanthropists need thinking that works.  Thinking anchored in rich experience, reflective practice, and real insight into what makes people tick.

Each organization has unique circumstances. I do highly tailored engagements which typically involve work across broad domains of expertise and range of services.

My approach

strategic advice to charities and philanthropists

My work is anchored in more than thirty years of leadership at the helm of large and complex charities. I bring a special focus to governance, strategy and impact because competence in these areas delivers results and fuels revenue growth.

I am a reflective practitioner and understand the culture and people dimensions of organizations. Coaching and mentoring leaders is a passion for me.

My experience

Deep, multi-faceted, strategic perspective

Charities are most effective when they situate their work in a systems-thinking approach. That’s why charities and nonprofits have an enviable place on the public square in influencing major public policy issues such as climate change, the future of health care, reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and the livability of our growing cities. I bring a strategic perspective to the design of policy and government relations initiatives.

My experience in fundraising is deep and multi-faceted. I learned early on that success in fundraising doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Vision, purpose and leadership is what inspires confidence among donors and grantmakers. Without good governance and a compelling strategy, fundraising flounders. I am well equipped to connect strategy and its execution to the revenue function.  

How I can help


Growing capacity for superior collective decision-making at the board table.

Guiding organizations to new levels of trust and alignment between the board and management.

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Building nimbleness and capacity to be strategic everyday.

Coaching teams to build bridges between strategy and execution, to fuel impact and drive purpose, to link strategic ambition with revenue.

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Growing capacity of organizations to think purpose and impact when developing strategy and programs.

Boosting confidence of teams to learn through impact evaluation and to measure effectiveness in operations.

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Creating capacity in CEOs, board leaders, and aspiring leaders to lead and grow a successful organization in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Building resilience to deal with change and wisdom to lead from a place of values.

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Enabling effective and focused meetings.  Amplifying voices and honouring diversity to make important decisions. 

Coaching leaders to create team dynamics that diffuse tension and conflict. 

Effective facilitation in both French and English in settings ranging from small management teams to large board gatherings.

Interim executive management

Ensuring the comfort of business continuity and real-time results in periods of transition and crisis.

Providing seasoned and effective leadership; able to step in and stabilize operations when public trust and internal cohesion are at risk.


Growing capacity of organizations to drive revenue growth and funds available for mission impact. 

Linking strategy to opportunities available to grow income from major gifts, digital fundraising and social finance. 

Coaching CEOs and revenue development professionals to retain talent and build new revenue models.

Public Policy

Bringing systems-thinking to policy and government relations in the areas of social justice, health and human services. 

Amplifying the voice of social purpose organizations to leverage more impact through advocacy.

Let’s talk about effective governance, strategy and the impact you want your organization to have today.